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Hi there.

Post by TomDac » Wed Nov 10, 2021 6:34 pm

Not sure if this forum will explode after C40 deliveries start happening, but figured I would do the intro..

I'm retired, approaching 60 and live in the Southern California desert near Palm Springs. I sold my convertible earlier this year and we've been a 1 car family (Lexus RX350) since then. Wasn't sure I wanted to pull the trigger on a new car, but knew the next car would be fully electric, so I spent a lot of time during the pandemic reading about EV's and was getting excited to see more car companies trying to compete with Tesla. I love the tech in a Tesla and how fun they are to drive, but for $55K, i have certain build quality and comfort standards that I expect, so until Tesla ups their game, they are not a contender for me.

Volvos to me always meant safe and almost always kinda boring, but I do love the looks of the recent XC90, XC60 and XC40. When we were looking for a new SUV to replace our Highlander, the XC90 was on our short list and we decided to go with the Lexus instead.

I kinda figured I'd seriously start looking for an EV in 3-5 years, but then I saw the C40. WOW.. As a kid, I remember the P1800 and it's wagon counterpart P1800ES and just thought they were cool looking and very unique. I also loved the C30 and how the back end was a tribute to the P1800ES. Again, cool and unique. The C40 gives me that same feeling, so I pre-ordered one in early June and am playing the waiting game. I went down to the Volvo dealer and test drove the XC40 Recharge and really liked it, so I'm thinking the C40 will be equally enjoyable. Volvo tells me to expect the car in Late December / mid January timeframe, but of course this is subject to change based on supply chain issues, etc.

In the meantime, we are getting our garage ready... Very hot here in summer months, so getting it insulated and installing an AC unit to keep it at a healthier temp in there during summers. Also getting a 220V outlet installed next month, so we should be ready for the C40 when it finally gets here.

Hope to see more C40 owners here.. I'm anticipating some quirks and bugs in the software as I see many of the XC40 recharge owners have been dealing with. 1.7 looks good though.. Love the changes that have been made, especially the Range Assistant.



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Re: Hi there.

Post by danh489 » Thu Nov 18, 2021 8:56 pm

For me it also was love at first sight. XC40 is fine but when I saw C40 got really excited. Hopefully they work out the quirks with OTA 1.7. My dealer rep gave me a late Feb/early March delivery window. Based on the youtuber Kris Rifa's testing of the Polestar 2 with 1.7 they really are working hard to improve the charging performance.

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